Beauty & The Beast

Last night, we put a wrap on Mackenzie’s middle school drama career.  She was cast as “Belle” in Beauty & The Beast.  The casting was done before Christmas, and the cast & crew have worked on the show all this time.

It’s been a crazy week.  Dress rehearsals Monday & Tuesday, Teacher’s Performance on Wednesday night, and the show was open to the public for performances on Thursday & Friday.  With Mackenzie being cast in the lead and having multiple wardrobe changes, Carie spent a lot of time back stage with her during all the performances this week.

Let me just say that she was AWESOME!.  I know I’m a little biased, but this is the show she’s always wanted to do and it showed.  She nailed the musical numbers and I think her acting was spot on.  And, when little girls dressed in their Belle ball gowns come to the show and wait in line afterwards for her autograph, well it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Here are the obligatory photos:





After the show, we hosted the cast & crew at our house for pizza and treats.  That amounted to 40 kids and a dozen adults.  And, I only received one phone call about the kids playing tag in the neighborhood at 10:30.  I’d call it a good party.

And a link to some additional photos. (I’ve got over 200+ photos of the show if anyone is REALLY interested).

There are also a ton of photos (mine and others) at


Baby You Can Drive My Car

That’s my baby girl, and now she can drive my car.  As promised, here’s the final installment of the series of posts about Madison’s 16th birthday.  This morning, we were at the DMV when they opened for her to take her driving test.  Suffice to say, she passed.







Yes Madison’s birthday was a couple of days ago, but we continue to celebrate her Sweet 16.  On Friday night, she had friends over and they hung out in my basement.

One of Madison’s current “likes” is the Disney movie, Frozen.  We have a friends who makes amazing sugar cookies and we asked her if she would bake some for Madison’s party with the Frozen theme.  She graciously agreed, and the result is these amazing cookies.


Okay, I think I’ll only have one more birthday update to make and that will be when Madison finally gets her driver’s license next week.





2014 Winter Guard & Rock Band

Mackenzie is busy this winter with the Winter Guard (Flag Team) and Rock Band, where she sings pop songs with a small subset of the middle school band.  This week, she wrapped up the Winter Guard season with 8th grade recognition night for all the members of the squad and their parents.

Here are a couple of shots I took of the performance.





Sweet 16!

Madison turned 16 yesterday.  It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks celebrating this milestone.  Last weekend, we honored her birthday tradition and had dinner at the Melting Pot in St. Louis.



Then we celebrated her actual birthday on Wednesday night with dinner, balloons, cake, and a few presents. Katy Perry tickets took the cake!


Friday, she’s having friends over and in a few days, we’ll head down to the DMV to get her driver’s license. In the mean time, here’s a link to a few more photos.


Mama Mia!

The “big one” at Christmas was tickets to see Mama Mia at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis.  Well, Sunday night the girls finally got  to see the performance.  They truly love the theater and they had a blast!






2014 Seussical

This week, Madison performed in her first production at Belleville East, Seussical.  This is reprise for us as she performed in the junior version of this show in middle school.  Still, she really enjoys the rehearsals, the songs, the choreography, and most of all the performances.

They performed this show during the school day for area elementary/middle school students.  So, there were 2 performances during the day on both Thursday and Friday and then evening performances on both nights as well.  Six performances in 2 days!

Here are a few shots from the production and a link to the rest as usual.


Madison & her friend Erin


The Bird Girls take a bow



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