2015 – Carie’s Birthday Wish

Many of you know that I started a new job earlier this year.  It takes me to New York City at least once each month (I’ve been twice in 3 weeks, but that’s another story).  For her birthday this year, Carie talked repeatedly about wanting me to go to the Today Show Plaza in New York and hold up a birthday sign during the Today Show.  I thought she was joking at first, but she continued to mention it.

When I found out that I had to be in New York on her birthday week, I decided what the heck.  Madison & Mackenzie conspired with me to create the sign.  I snuck it into my luggage and made plans to hit the Today Show early one morning of my trip.

I showed up before dawn today not knowing what to expect.  Turns out, I was the first person in line.  I grabbed a spot on the rail and hoped that I’d get in one of the camera shots.  The girls tipped Carie off and they recorded the show and watched for the birthday wish.  I’ll figure out how to save the video off of the DVR, but in the meantime here are a few photos of Carie’s Birthday Wish.

Here’s what it looks like to be first in line.  You line up at this random light pole, cause that’s what the security guard told me to do.


Here’s what it looks like to be first in line

One of the producer’s took this photo for me.  The sign says “Happy Birthday to the real Carie Bradshaw”.  (Part of it is hard to read.)


Here’s me and Al Roker wishing Carie a Happy Birthday!



2015 – Little Mermaid

The girls just wrapped the winter performance of the Little Mermaid.  Madison was cast as Flounder, Ariel’s sidekick, while Mackenzie was in the ensemble for a few of big song & dance numbers.

Here’s a shot of each of them, and links to the Flickr Albums where there are many more photos.

Photos for Thursday Evening Performance

Photos for Friday Evening Performance


Madison as Flounder


Mackenzie in the ensemble


2015 Outback Bowl

I’m a little late in getting this posted.  Okay, maybe I’m more than a little late.  In any event, we made the trek to Florida after Christmas for the 2015 Outback Bowl.  The Belleville East Marching Lancers marched in the Outback Bowl Parade along with a dozen or so other high schools.  Then, they participated in the “Mass Band” performance at half time of the football game on New Year’s Day.  We and several parents provided logistical support for the band during all of the events.

In the end, the Marching Lancers took home a number of awards for their effort.  And, we all had a good trip.  Here are a few photos of our experience.


We managed to squeeze in lunch with the in-laws and see the Atlantic


A chilly Tampa rehearsal


Preparing for the competition


The Mass Band performing at halftime of the Outback Bowl



Dipping our toes in the Gulf before the trip home







2014 – By the Numbers

I continue to live the lifestyle that I began at the beginning of 2012. Okay, so maybe I eat a little more sugar that I did during my hard core weight loss period.  But I remain committed to never going back to the old ways.  So, I wrapped up 2014 just about where I began the year.  Here are the numbers:

  • Workouts = 248
  • Miles = 906
  • Avg miles per week = 17

2014 By the Numbers

I know I didn’t log every single workout, but I sure thought that I worked out more than 68% of the time.  Heck, I even worked out nearly every day on my trip to Honduras.

While I didn’t reach my stated goal of 1,000 miles, this is the second year in a row that I’m well over 800 miles for the year.  I’d still like to hit the 1K mark and will carry that goal forward for 2015.

From a pounds & inches perspective, I’m still at the same smaller size since I lost the weight, although my weight has crept up about 12 lbs from my low point.  I’m comfortable there and I know what it takes to maintain that.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and active 2015.


2014 Marching Lancers

I’m a couple of weeks late in writing this, but we’ve just wrapped up the 2014 Marching Band Competition season.  Mackenzie joined Madison on the color guard this year and they had a great seasn.

Here are a couple of photos that we captured from one of the early performances this season.


Madison with the rifle squad (center)


Mackenzie with a flag


An overhead shot of the girls performing at the Edward Jones Dome


Labor Day 2014

Or, as my brothers-in-law like to call it, The Annual Meat-Fest. That’s because I BBQ all weekend long, and there’s enough for leftovers and doggy bags.

This year, I let one of them drive the menu. They asked for:
– Pork Steaks – Saturday Lunch
– Brisket – Saturday Dinner
– Pulled Pork – Sunday Lunch
– Ribs – Sunday Dinner

I bought all the meat, but Saturday night I decided there was no.way that we needed all that. So I scratched the pulled pork. Still, that’s a whole lot of protein.

Here’s a couple of fun shots from the weekend.





2014 Honduras -Day 7

Today we hit the hospital one last time and then played a final concert at the new church location in Choloma.

Short update since I’m traveling today here are a couple of pics.




Look for a wrap up post later and a link to the photos.



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