Cedar Plank Salmon

One of the things in this world that I love is barbecue.  Now barbecue to me is as much a process as it is a particular dish.  It’s the process of cooking something slowly at a fairly low temperature.  I’m picky about my barbecue, whether it’s pulled pork, ribs, brisket or something a little less traditional.

I’ve tried my hand at barbecuing off and on for several years and only within the last year did I finally find the equipment (& the patience) necessary to help me turn out really good barbeque.  I’ve become a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying member of the cult of folks who use and obsess about their Big Green Egg.  I have a large BGE that I cook on every chance I get.

Anyway…that’s enough background on the subject.  The title & reason for this post is to share the results of tonight’s efforts.  I did cedar planked salmon with stuffed poppers and it turned out great.  In keeping with the requirements for all card carrying members of this BGE cult, I took before and after pictures and felt compelled to share them here.

I prepped the egg and got her up to ~300 degrees when I put the food on.

Here it is about an hour later:

And one more:

I’m sure you’ll see more posts about my barbeque addiction as we go.  




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