Brisket for 40

So today I cooked brisket (I guess I actually started yesterday) for 30-40 folks who are building new homes in the Enclaves at Castle Pines, the neighborhood that my wife is selling.  This was as close as I’ve ever come to catering an event for someone else.  Sure I’ve manned the grill or brought a variety of things to BBQ’s that I’ve attended.  And of course I’ve cooked for family gatherings and the like.  However, this was an event where I acquired everything, prepared it, and served a large gathering of folks that I don’t actually know.

I went so far as to provide the chafing dishes and Sterno to keep the food hot for ~3 hrs.  I cooked a huge pot of macaroni & cheese, a large tray of baked beans, and I grilled burgers & dogs at the party to go with the smoked brisket that I cooked overnight.  Chips, condiments, drinks, & paper goods were all part of the event that I “catered”.

I really do enjoy watching others enjoy the fruits of my cooking, but I’m not sure I’d want to do it for more than just the occasional shindig.

Here’s the picture of the brisket that I promised.



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