I could do that…

Last night, I got to watch the Nationwide Series race at Kentucky Speedway. This is the first time that I’ve watched an event at this race track since my brother and I participated in the Richard Petty Driving Experience late last summer.

My wife bought me two gift certificates for the “Rookie Experience” for my 40th birthday. That translates into a 6 lap on-track experience in a “real” NASCAR racecar after a morning of driver’s meeting, on-track instruction and the obligatory photo opportunities.

I took my brother with me and we elected to do this at Kentucky Speedway. Well, we elected to do it there after I nearly let the gift certificates expire. 🙂 My fastest lap speed was ~120mph and my top speed was ~137mph. I’ll tell you, I giggled like a little girl the first time around the track. We had a blast and still talk about it when we get together.

But I now have a whole new appreciation for what these drivers can do. I mean…Joey Logano was making laps at an average speed of ~175mph. Nonetheless, I still found myself sitting thinking “I could do that”!



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