I’ve Gone Google

For years, I’ve managed multiple email clients, RSS readers, etc.  Depending on my location at any given time, I’d likely use a PC, a Mac, or one of the handlheld devices that I’ve owned to check email, read news or otherwise keep track of the world via the internet.

Recently, I decided that I’d like to try for a consistent experience irrespecitve of where I happen to be or which device that I happen to be using at the time.  To achieve this goal, I’m leveraging the tools from Google.

iGoogle:  This has become my starting point for internet activities.  I’ve configured gadgets (as Google refers to their suite of mini applications for iGoogle) to provide a snapshot view of my email and my RSS feeds.  Other than the fact that some of the gadgets don’t refresh properly each time, I like this tool as a starting point.

Gmail:  I’m using this tool as an aggregator for my various (personal) email accounts.  This is working out okay so far.  I even copied my contacts to this tool so that I have access to email addresses as needed.  I really like the fact that it allows me to send email from each of the POP accounts as if I were using a full blown mail client.  I’m still getting used to this one, but it has potential. 

Google Reader:  This is a really cool tool that I’ve been using for a few weeks.  I’ve tried desktop clients, email clients etc. for keeping track of RSS feeds, but until now I’ve never had a consistent experience between work and home.  This is mostly due to my desire to be a good corporate citizen and not muck with my work PC too much.  This is probably the best tool of the ones I’ve mentioned here.

So is this “cloud computing”?  I guess it is in some respect.  All I know for sure is that there’s an upside to it for me.  I’d hoped for a lot more of this from Apple’s new MobileMe offering since the one thing that’s I’ve addressed yet is synchronization of a mobile device.  I’ll tackle that one just as soon as I know for sure what my mobile future looks like (can you say iPhone?).



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  1. […] Number 5 – Google.  This year, I switched to Google for all of my email & RSS feed management.  In the past, I’ve tried to keep track of a couple of different email addresses via Outlook on a PC.  However, this move has enabled me to manage all of my email addresses and keep track of all of my RSS feeds from any internet connected device.  As I wrote earlier this year, I’ve gone Google. […]

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