What’s in a name?

I’ve began using this moniker (Braddog) some time ago since every forum and website that you visit these days wants you to not only create an account, but also wants to send you email.  So to keep that stuff seperate from my personal & business email, I created an email address (braddog at charter dot net) and began using this for my on-line persona. 

That worked well until I began getting “real” email from iTunes.  It turns out some guy in Alabama had inadvertently used my email address.  I tried to contact the guy a couple of times (his name and address were on every iTunes receipt) but he never responded.  Heck, with all the internet scams out there I don’t blame the guy for thinking I was a nut job.

So I finally contacted Apple and explained the situation to them.  Once they got it straightened out (the actually disabled my iTunes account at first), they gave me 5 free song downloads for the inconvenience.  Now that’s pretty darned cool! 

I know it’s a pretty small thing for them to do given the size of that company, but it is $5 more than they had to give me.

Becoming a Apple fanboy,


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