Do you farm Red or Green?

When I was a kid, you either farmed Red or Green.  Even though my dad farmed Red (International-Farmall) there were lots of neighbors who farmed Green (John Deere).  I guess Dad sort of farmed both because he had an old Oliver tractor too and it was green.  My Step-Dad & my Uncle had John Deere lawn tractors for years, so when it’s time to look at lawn tractors I guess I’m predisposed to look at John Deere.

I bought my first one about 5 years ago and I pulled up short of buying what I really wanted because I got cheap when I got to the dealer.  Additionally, my yard was a big, wide-open affair then.  Since then my wife’s put in 20 trees, a huge swing set and a swimming pool in the yard, making it quite an obstacle course.  So for the last two years, I’ve been talking about a zero turn mower to help navigate the yard a little easier.

Well, this afternoon they delivered my new John Deere Z445.  I stepped up a little this time and didn’t get cheap when I got to the dealer.  I opted for a little bigger mower than I probably need, but hopefully I won’t find myself shopping for another one in 5 years.

If anyone asks, I guess I farm Green!

I farm Green!

I farm Green!


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  1. Damn good looking lawn mower!! I’m a “GREEN” man too.

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