BBQ Brotherhood

Since acquiring my Big Green Egg, I’ve discovered that BBQ’ers are like a brotherhood.  Folks will talk for hours about their rig, their favorite rub(s), and regale you with tales of their latest effort.

I recently changed positions at work and as a way of saying thanks to my old team, I cooked 15lbs. of pork butt and 9.5lbs. of brisket.  This fed my whole team as well as a few consultants that we’ve been working with of late.  One of the consultants was obviously a member of the brotherhood, because he took a great interest in the BBQ and all of the finer points mentioned previously.  Turns out he’s a Texan who loves to cook BBQ as well.

Imagine my surprise last week when he walked into my office with a care package from his favorite purveyor of BBQ and BBQ accessories, The Goode Company out of Houston, TX.  He brought me a sampler of rubs and said, “From one BBQ’er to another”.  Pretty cool!

Well tonight I used some of it for the first time.  I used the Fowl Rub for some chicken breasts that we BBQ’d.  I also did a pan of sliced potatoes with butter & onions.  Turned out great and I look forward to trying the other 3 rubs in the sampler real soon.


Brother Braddog


2 Responses

  1. […] I’ve said it before, there’s a great camaraderie amongst those of us who spend our free time slow cooking our meat to achieve BBQ perfection.  I’m proud to have met these folks and will recommend them to anyone interested in a BGE.  Did I mention that their pricing is darned good? […]

  2. […] a 7 lb. beef brisket on for lunch today and sandwiches the rest of the week.  I used a rub that a co-worker gave me a while back.  It’s called Brisket Rub and it’s from the Goode Company in Texas.  […]

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