Lady Liberty

Well, day one of the trip to the Big Apple is in the books.  We finally got to our hotel around noon today, spent all of 15 minutes in the room, and immediately headed for Battery Park where you catch the ferry to Liberty Island.

The statue is pretty darned impressive, but we discovered that you can’t actually buy a ticket to go inside.  You make reservations on-line for free prior to your visit.  Who knew?  As much as I use the web, you’d have thought that I would have done a little research and know that you had to make reservations on-line.  But NOOOOOO!

You can see the monument from the air as you land at Newark Airport.  It appeared that we were the only ones on the plane who were visiting NYC for fun.  However, they all got a chuckle when Madison exclaimed “There’s the Statue of Liberty….you’d think it would be bigger!”

Well, we had a great day anyway.  We flew into Newark, rode the shuttle to the hotel, “got a slice”, rode the subway to the end of Manhattan and back, had dinner with family and caught a cab back to the hotel.

All in all, I’d say it was a pretty darned full day.  We’re off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the morning and some sight-seeing around Times Square tomorrow afternoon (might even sneak in a visit to the Apple Store at 60th & 5th Ave).

I’ll get some photos up in the next day or two.

EDIT:  Picture as promised




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