A pilgrimage of sorts

A friend of mine made the pilgrimage to the mothership in Cupertino, CA earlier this summer (that’s Apple headquarters for the uninitiated).  Possibly the second most famous Apple location is the glass cube in New York City.  Located at the corner of 59th Street & 5th Avenue, it’s the store that gets all of the attention when there are product launches and the faithful (or freaks depending on your perspective) begin to line up many days before the new products are available.

Today I made sort of a mini-pilgrimage to see this oft-photographed glass cube.  Actually it happened to be on the way from Central Park to the FAO Schwartz toy store at 58th Street & 5th Avenue, but I managed to spend a little time with my fellow fruitcakes and wander through the store.  I was hoping that there would be some Apple swag there of the non-technology kind; T-shirts, coffee mugs and whatnot.  But alas, they only sold technology.  Can you believe it?

Here’s the obligatory photo.




2 Responses

  1. I guess we’ve got the Apple landmarks covered now! 🙂

    If I ever get to NYC, I’d like to photograph the cube at night. The shots I’ve seen have been beautiful, and I doubt I could advance the art with mine, but there’s just something about having done it yourself…

  2. Haven’t gotten out much after dark. Oh, and I’m shooting with the little pink camera! 🙂

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