Gettin’ a slice

No trip to the city would be complete without “gettin’ a slice”.  In the Midwest, you can either go out for pizza or have pizza delivered.  But with very few exceptions, we have no equivalent experience to going into a small establishment that serves pizza by the slice.  And grabbing a slice at Sbarro’s in the mall doesn’t count.

So as I said, no trip is complete without this east coast tradition.  It dawned us while we were gettin’ a slice on Monday that the girls hadn’t experienced this before.  When we realized it as a first, we had to grab a couple of photos.  What may not be obvious in this picture is that we were lined up at a counter against a wall/mirror.  The place was so small that I couldn’t take a picture anyway other than via the reflection in the mirror.  In any event, we captured the experience.

Oh, and the pizza was awesome!



One Response

  1. There’s probably others, but Ami’s (in Rock Hill and newly in St. Charles/O’Fallon) also does “the slice”. ‘Course, they market themselves as New York style pizza, so that makes sense, I guess!

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