Up on the roof

Wow, we covered a lot of ground today.  We met up with the in-laws for an early bagel & a little more baby time before jumping in a cab and making our way to the Museum of Natural History on Central Park West.  We spent a couple of hours there before heading out for Times Square.

Times Square is amazing.  It’s bigger and busier than you can imagine based on anything you’ve seen on TV or in the movies.  We only had a little time to kill before meeting up with Carie’s cousin, but we’ll explore more of this area tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was meeting up with Carie’s cousin, Julio.  He was such a gracious host.  His office is in the Empire State Building, so we were able to leverage his standing as a “tenant” to afford us quick access to the observation deck.  Apparently the wait was on the order of 3.5 hrs.

Afterward, we hit Grand Central Station where we caught a train to Westchester County.  There, Julio & his family welcomed us into their home.  The kids played together, we enjoyed a nice dinner, and he was kind enough to drive us back to our hotel as it was getting late.

It’s amazing how kids react to other kids when you tell them “These are your cousins”.  You would have thought that the kids play together every week, the way they took to one another.  If we were anywhere else and our kids asked to play on the roof I’m sure my wife would have reacted differently, but in this case it was okay (?).  The kids crawled onto the roof of the garage and got acquainted.

So between the observation deck at the Empire State Building, & the garage in Bronxville, NY, the kids spent a lot of time “Up on the Roof” today.

Empire State Building - Observation Deck

Empire State Building - Observation Deck

Up on the roof

Up on the roof


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