Men don’t ask for directions… unless they can use technology

In preparation for our recent trip to New York City, I spent some time looking at maps and generally pondering how I was going to navigate the concrete jungle.  While perusing a New York City tourism site, I stumbled on an application that is/was the answer to my dilemma.

This website allows you to input an address, intersection, or notable landmark as both a starting point and destination.  It will then provide the best means of making the trip while taking into account your preferences for walking, transfers between bus & train, etc.

Here’s the best part.  There’s both a mobile version of the site for those with smartphones, and for those without it will deliver directions to your phone via text message.  In either scenario, you’ve got step-by-step directions in the palm of your hand.

Sadly the app is only available for the largest metropolitan areas, but if you have a trip planned to one of these locations I highly recommend you check out .



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