Contractors Suck

For the past 3 years, we’ve struggled with what to do with our back patio to provide shade during the summer.  Finally this spring we made a decision and found a contractor that we really liked.  We signed a contract, sent him a check, a scheduled a start time.

When the first start date came around, he was unable to start.  So we renegotiated a start date and let the contractor know that if we didn’t have this project done by Labor Day, there was no need to start at all this year.  He agreed.

So you can imagine my disgust today when I received a letter from the guy’s attorney stating that they could not complete the project by Labor Day but that they still wanted to do the work.  Having your attorney send a letter to your client doesn’t sound to me like you want to do the work very badly.

So, I phoned the contractor and left him a message.  I let him know that I’m disappointed to learn that he’s not the guy we thought he was and that he could send my check back first thing Monday morning.

Someday I’ll find a contractor who’ll restore my faith in the profession, but this guy turned out to be like all the rest.

Sitting on the sunny patio,



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  1. […] thinking about a finished basement.  We tried to do the patio thing earlier this year but we had a contractor let us down and decided not to do the project with the summer so far […]

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