Hankerin’ for some pulled pork

With the holiday weekend upon us, I know I’ll be cooking brisket on Saturday & ribs on Sunday.  But that wasn’t enough to stop me from satisfying my craving for some pulled pork.  I keep thinking about that 65lbs. of pork butt I cooked for the big party earlier in the summer, and I sure would like to have some more of that.

So I stopped by the local supermarket last night and found that whole pork butt was on sale for $1.17/lb.  That was all the encouragement that I needed.  I grabbed one (my neighbor grabbed one also), and we fired the Big Green Egg up at about 8:30 last night.

I didn’t expect rain, but a steady one began to fall around 10:30.  I fashioned a cover for my daisy wheel and the BGE held on to 250 degrees like a bad habit.  This morning, I had two butts that were beautifully browned and full of delicious goodness.

Can’t wait until lunch!

Here’s a shot of the rain cap.  Sorry for the ugly cell phone picture.


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