God’s on line 1!

I’m as big a geek as anyone and I tend to be an early(ish) adopter of lots of technology.  But there’s a trend that I’ve noticed and commented about for awhile now and one that I’ve never been guilty of so I can blog about it with a clear conscience.  I’m speaking of the people who insist on wearing their Bluetooth earpiece constantly.

Like this:

I chose to write about this now because of what I saw yesterday morning at church.  Now it’s bad enough that the guy two pews behind me had his earpiece in during the entire service, but when he went to the alter to pray with it still firmly lodged in his ear canal I decided I’d had enough.  I mean what does this guy think?  Is he gonna use it to talk to God while on his knees at the front of the church?  Is he gonna get that life & death phone call in the middle of the praise service and have to take it immediately?  Or is he just expecting a call about his tithe this week?

Come on people, take the Bluetooth earpiece out of your ear!  You don’t work for the FBI, you’re not likely to get a phone call so important that you have to wear the earpiece at all times, and God certainly isn’t going to call you on your phone during church.  He may call you, but I doubt he’ll need technology to do it.

Besides, Bluetooth earpieces are sooooo  2006!  🙂

Handsfree since 2005,



2 Responses

  1. I’m with you on this one. “Borg Implants” is what I call ’em. The crazy thing is that the folks that have their Uhura-thingee hanging from their earholes are usually the folks that need them the absolute least. Go figure!

    However, if The Big Guy Upstairs wants to tap you on the shoulder for a little convo, I’d be highly surprised if the power of Bluetooth would be involved (unless God really is George Burns). I’d expect the power of BurningBush or LightningBolt, depending on whether it’s good news or bad. 🙂

  2. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I agree that he probably doesn’t need our technology to get his point across.

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