“Let’s Rock”!

As further evidence of my geek status, I stayed in for lunch today to watch the internet for news of Apple’s media event called “Let’s Rock”.  This much anticipated event has been rumored for months and confirmed for weeks.

I watched a Liveblog from Macworld who had reporters at the event and blogging real time as Steve Jobs clicked through the announcements.  As the name of the event suggests, these announcements were mostly centered around the venerable line of iPods from Apple.

  • New iPod Nano – larger “candybar” shape, integrated acceleromator (similar to the iPhone & iPod Touch), lots of cool new colors
  • New iPod Touch – thinner & incorporates some of the iPhone design features like volume controls on the side.  Steve Jobs calls it “the funnest iPod ever”.
  • New release of iTunes – Version 8 incorporates a new feature called “Genius”.  Basically an auto-generated playlist of songs based on the characteristics of the song you’re listening to.  Also gives you the options to purchase similar music from iTunes.  Clever.
  • HD Television content on iTunes, NBC is back.
  • New headphones with inline remote control for FWD, REW, Volume etc.
  • New firmware for iPod Touch & iPhone

All products are available today or within the next week.  Let the Christmas shopping season begin!



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  1. However, the disappointing thing was the drop of the 160GB iPod Classic, in favor of the one-size-fits-all 120GB unit. Now, I’m not exactly busting at the seams on my 80GB music-machine, but I sure was contemplating a 160GB unit. That’d give me more room for music, sure, but it’s videos and photos on the iPod that have started to turn my head.

    Oh well…. the new Nanos are cute, and I could easily see one of those finding its way into the Deauxmayne, especially at their (relatively) cheap price.

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