Another member of the BBQ Brotherhood

Last week I cooked chicken wings for Monday Night Football.  During the process of getting the Big Green Egg (BGE) fired up, I kicked my platesetter over and broke it.  So today I headed over to my local purveyor of BGE products & accessories, Highland Pool & Spa, to replace it.

Lo & behold I ran into not only a BBQ’er who sells the product, but also one that uses them and competes all over Southern Illinois.  Well we began to discuss all the finer points of BBQing on the BGE, local contests, and eventually local teams.  As I was about to depart his establishment, platesetter under my arm, he tossed me a bottle of rub from a competition team located in Breese, IL, Hogs ‘n’ Heat.  He also invited me to stop by another time and he’d bring me a copy of the Kansas City BBQ Society newsletter.

Since my next stop was going to be Sam’s for pork butt anyway, I’ll have a chance to give it a shot on one of the butts that I’ll put on late tonight or early tomorrow.

I’ve said it before, there’s a great camaraderie amongst those of us who spend our free time slow cooking our meat to achieve BBQ perfection.  I’m proud to have met these folks and will recommend them to anyone interested in a BGE.  Did I mention that their pricing is darned good?

Proud to have met another of the brotherhood,


One Response

  1. Just stumbled on your blog…nice work. Though I haven’t had a chance to get through too many pages, I’m looking forward to the surfing. Let’s get together and do some ‘quen sometime!

    Carpe ‘Que, (Seize the Barbeque)
    Jim Rhino
    Salem, Illinois

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