Ground breaking

Every year, we spend the summer time thinking bout a patio enclosure and then we spend the winter thinking about a finished basement.  We tried to do the patio thing earlier this year but we had a contractor let us down and decided not to do the project with the summer so far gone.

It turns out that this was sort of a blessing in disguise in that we switched to thoughts of the basement much earlier than usual.  We also decided that we would act as our own general contractor and hire out the various parts of the project using resources that come to us with strong recommendations.  Additionally, this allows us to work at a pace that matches our cash flow.   🙂


Building code requires that you provide egress to a finished basement.  So, the very first project that we needed to complete was the installation of an egress window or scapewell.  This work was completed last week and I’m happy to say that we had a great experience with Jet Precast.  The work was done on time and with minimal impact to our lawn and landscaping.  I’d highly recommend these folks if you need any of the services that they offer.

HVAC work was completed this week also.  Next comes the framing and plumbing.  Then I’m going to enlist some help from family & friends to do the electrical, data & audio, and insulation work.  We’re on our way!

Here’s a shot of a scapewell very similar to the one we had installed. 



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