Top 20

Earlier this week, my bride received a letter & certificate in the mail notifying her that she had cracked the Top 20 RE/Max “teams” in the greater St. Louis metro area based on her performance in July.  Her broker called her yesterday to let her know what a significant accomplishment this is.  In fact, the most significant part is that she single-handedly was one of the top 20 teams.  What I mean is that although she has a buyer’s agent that is working for her, all of her July closing were hers alone.

I’ve been wondering if her success over the past couple of months was a reflection that the market wasn’t quite as soft in the mid-west as elsewhere in the country, or if she was just outworking everyone.  I guess we know the answer to that question now.  Just think where she would have ranked if her numbers were judged as an individual  rather than a team.  Top 5, I’ll bet.

You go girl!



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  1. […] as a Realtor for about two years or so.  Although she’s had great success and been named a Top 20 Agent, we decided to step it up a little this year.  Part of that effort was for her to obtain her […]

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