New Shoes or New Legs?

Two years ago, I took an assignment that put me ~50 miles way from home, meaning that every day I drove ~100 miles.  At the time, I was wheeling a full sized pickup.  However, I figured out pretty quickly that that was going to be expensive in terms of fuel costs. 

So, I bought my way out of the thing and went to a mid-sized sedan with better fuel economy (not great, but better).  In the 18 mos. that I’ve owned this car, I’ve put 40K miles on it.  The result is that it was in need of tires & brakes.  So, over the weekend I put new shoes on the old girl.  In the past, this has been the harbinger of a new ride.  I’ve never put tires on a car and kept it much more than another 6 mos.

So I ask you, will new shoes lead to a new set of legs/wheels?  We’ll see……



2 Responses

  1. you need another pickup…

  2. Now’s the time to buy one, but I’m afraid I couldn’t feed one. 🙂

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