A Happy Big Green Egg

We’ve been blessed with beautiful fall weather.  Last night I knew I had to cook chicken breasts for dinner, but I decided that I’d load the Big Green Egg up with a variety of my favorite treats and convince my buddy to fire up his outdoor fire pit and enjoy the evening weather.

After a quick stop at the local grocery store chain, I scored a dozen or so jalapenos, a roll of Bob Evan’s breakfast sausage, and a dozen chicken wings.

I finished up the chicken breasts for the family dinner and then moved on to the tasty treats shown here.

I started with a mess of Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABT’s).  This is basically a jalapeno popper stuffed with cream cheese & wrapped in bacon (instructions below if you’re interested).  The sausage in the picture is the aforementioned Bob Evans breakfast sausage.  Prepared this way, we affectionately call this a “fatty”.  You’ll also notice a dozen chicken wings on the egg as well.


  • Slice a dozen jalapenos in half and clean.  Be sure to remove the veins and seeds (unless you like ’em HOT).
  • Fill with cream cheese
  • Wrap each pepper with a half a strip of bacon
  • Grill at 275 degrees until the bacon is crisp
  • Enjoy


  • Season of  roll of your favorite breakfast sausage with a rub of your choice.  I prefer Bob Evans with a generous dose of Dizzy Dust from The Dizzy Pig.
  • Grill at 275 degrees for about an hour or until done.
  • I like this just sliced or with a cracker.  Sometimes I do these, slice, and refrigerate for use on breakfast sandwiches throughout the week.


There’s a million ways to do wings.  These I just grilled until they were crispy and tossed in bbq sauce.  I had every intention of trying some teriyaki wings, but frankly with all the other goodies ready to go I went with my standard method.

As my buddy said,  “that sure looks like a happy egg”!


2 Responses

  1. Nice skewers on those wings. Noticed that wasn’t called out in the recipe nor credit given to the one who provided the suggestion.

  2. I would’ve given credit, but the suggested failed to mention that you need to soak the skewers before using them. Otherwise, they just burn into between each wing.

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