Hold the phone!

So I blogged too soon yesterday.  It seems that the geniuses at Sprint have finally implemented pro-rated early termination fees, but what I didn’t realize is that it doesn’t apply to existing customers.  You have to have signed a new deal or extended your contract since 11/2/2008 to qualify.

What a bunch of crap!  Just another example of how the wireless carriers are more interested in luring new customers than taking care of existing ones.  If you’ve ever tried to buy a new phone in the middle of your contract, you know what I’m talking about.

Only 103 days to freedom,


2 Responses

  1. Well, on the bright side that puts us at about the same time for iPhones since my contract with Verizon expires in February.

  2. Yeah, but mine with Sprint isn’t up until August — well over twice Braddog’s sentence! Given the time involved in waiting for the inevitable end of my contract, and my lust for one of these little babies, I’m tempted to push the ejection button, and launch Sprint to the curb. For eight months of iPhone fun, and some digital convergence that I’ve been badly desiring, it seems like it just might be worth the ETF payment privilege.

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