iPhone accessory? Or, the cart before the horse?

braketron Nearly a year ago I acquired my first iPod, an iPod Touch.  I’ve enjoyed the world of podcasts, videos, internet acess etc. on this little device.  In fact, it was the catalyst for my switch from PC to Mac.

But with my eyes getting worse and the constant traffic, using it during my commute has become challenging.  So I finally popped for a vent mount for the little guy from Braketron.

This mount was very cheap and does a great job of securing the device so that it’s not a projectile when I have to get on the brakes really hard.  It also has two other benefits.  First, without my glasses it’s exactly the right distance away for me to able to focus on it.  And second, it’ll be a nice accessory for an iPhone (eventually). 🙂



One Response

  1. Yeah, this was probably the best $10 I’ve ever spent at Best Buy.

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