The past couple of years, the kids and I have enjoyed the occasional geocaching trip.  For those who don’t know, geocaching is sort of a treasure hunt.  Folks hide caches in public places and then publish the GPS coordinates at  You then use your GPS to locate the cache.  Some cache containers are big enough to have “treasure” in them and we trade treasure we have for treasure we want.  Others are only big enough to have a log book for visitors to sign.

We have friends who also geocache and they gave us a travelbug (an object with a tracking # attached) that we placed in a cache today.  We will now track the progress of the travelbug back to its home in Colorado.

We had a really good day in spite of 48 degree weather.  We found 10 caches today and placed the travelbug.  Oh, and I convinced the kid to eat at a BBQ joint for lunch!  🙂



6 Responses

  1. Just another reason to get an iPhone 3G…

  2. I saw that. Don’t know if I can justify the iPhone before the end of the year.

  3. Sounds like a great Geocaching day! Thanks for sharing.

    btw – How did you convince the kids to stop for BBQ? LOL!

  4. I write for another blog about BBQ & Homebrewing, so I played it off as a story for the blog. That way, I get to have my BBQ & eat it too!


  5. What a great day of geocaching!

    There’s also a great application for geocaching with a Blackberry. Works great, though Verizon, fyi, is not supported. GeoNavigator by Trimble

  6. Chris;
    I’ve been caching paperless with an old Windows Mobile PDA. I’m looking to move to something else though. Thanks for the tip,


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