Cashless Monolopy??

For at least a couple of generations we’ve played that classic game from Parker Brothers, Monopoly.  I mean there are parts of this game that creep into everyday conversation.  Many times I’ve heard someone say “Do not pass GO” or “Go directly to jail”.  Everyone knows that Boardwalk & Park Place are the most expensive properties on the board.  And I always wanted to be the banker and use the race car pawn.

I’m grateful that the game is still on the market and that the next generation is enjoying it.  However, I’m not sure that I’m all that crazy about it going “cashless”.  Each player now apparently has a credit card that is inserted in an electronic bank that keeps track of their income and expenses.

If we ever expect our society to live within their means and get rid of the nearly $1 Trillion dollars in credit card debt, we should start by ensuring that our kids don’t start learning to “live by the card” too early in life.  With all that’s going on with our financial institutions and the economy, I’m disappointed in Parker Bros. for the timing of the introduction of this new toy.

But hey, I didn’t mean to go on a rant!  🙂



3 Responses

  1. I also had the same conspiracy theory makings that you’ve detailed pretty well. However, I think it goes deeper.

    I think it’s a Free Parking conspiracy. For years, the official rules have told us — almost yelled at us — that Free Parking was just a resting spot on the board. No advantage, no anything, and only a double-five away from the slammer. Parker Brothers have now gone to great lengths to ensure that their iron grip on the playfield of Monopoly is solid by removing the cash from the game, therefore enforcing the rule of cashless Free Parking by taking away the ability to stockpile the center of the board with Luxury Tax, Utility Tax and other forfeited funds.

    I’m mad as heck, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!!!

  2. We always put cash in the middle of the board. I didn’t think of the cashless implications on that part of the the game play.

    I guess I feel a little different about the Salvation Army though. At least this way, I could get a receipt! 🙂


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