When your Brother-in-law gives you chicken $#!+……

….make chicken wings.

In our family, I’m the BBQ guy.  So at the annual Thanksgiving gathering, my brother-in-law wanted me to turn out something “magical” (his words not mine) on his smoker.  I surveyed the situation and realized that I could be in trouble.  But to prove my metal, I had to be able to make something tasty on a $25 Home Depot close out.

Nonetheless, we headed to the market and picked up a bag of chicken wings and the makings for some ABT’s.  There were also a couple of salmon fillets for the cooker too.  We fired up the cooker and I realized right away that this was gonna be tougher than I originally thought.  A thin-walled, H20 smoker in 25 degree weather with a stiff wind makes for a tough time keeping temps in the proper range.

We fired up the cooker, and right away began to realize that keeping this thing fueled was gonna be an ongoing challenge.  We had to rig a chimney starter from stuff lying around.  It worked pretty well and in the end, the chow was pretty tasty even if I do say so myself.  Here’s a gallery of the experience.



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  1. It’s like if MacGyver was grilling…

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