Netflix Video on Demand Review

I’ve been a Netflix subscriber in the past, but found myself unable to keep up with a self-imposed feeling of “I gotta watch this now and send the disk back ASAP”.  As a result, I ditched my subscription in favor of the occassional $1 RedBox rental.  However, with all the buzz about Netflix Video on Demand (VoD) I began to wonder if it wasn’t time to dust off my account and give it another go.  Not to mention, the occasional RedBox trip has become a regular event with multiple movies rented each trip.

There are a few ways to view Netflix VoD.  Subscribers can view content on a PC, a Mac, XBox360 Live, Tivo or a dedicated box from the folks at Roku.  Since I already own 3 out of 5 of these devices, I didn’t have much to lose so I reactivated my account, setup Netflix Vod on the XBox360 and set about watching movies for the better part of the weekend.

All I can say is, “WOW”!  This works great!  I watched a couple of movies and part of a TV series that was availabile in HD.  And since I’m using the Xbox360, I’m watching the content on my big screen, HD TV.   I’m very impressed with how slick the implementation is on the new XBox360 firmware as well as the video quality of the playback. 

I’ve often said that if I could pay a reasonable fee for all the content I could stand, I’d be happy to.  Well folks, for $8.99/mo. I get unlimited VoD as well as unlimited DVD rental (1 movie checked out at a time).  I think this easily qualifies as a “reasonable fee”. 

If you already own the necessary hardware, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot with a free trial.  I believe it’s well worth it and “I’ll see you at the movies”. 🙂



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