Commuter Blues

Here in St. Louis, the major East/West artery has been under construction for the last year.  They actually closed 5 miles of it a year ago (from mid county to the west).  That didn’t effect me much.  In fact, it made my drive to my office in mid county easier than it’s been in 10 years.

However, this week they’ve opened that stretch of highway and closed the 5 mile stretch in the other direction.  That puts the highway closure really close to the major bridge complex crossing the Mississippi River.  And that my friends is causing me lots of trouble.  Both mornings this week, I’ve encountered stop & go traffic 5 miles east of the river.  Average commute time so far this week is in excess 1:45.


If this keeps up, I’ll be looking into used helicopters & teleportation.  Beam me home, Scotty!




One Response

  1. My commute fortunately takes me over the MLK and on from highway 70, which isn’t bad unless there’s an accident. Got to deal with everyone not knowing what to think of the fact that it was snowing today though.

    – Schev

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