Day 730

This week, I hit day number 730 on my current wireless contract.  For those of you who need help doing the math, that’s 2 years.  And 2 years is the magic number for contract maturity. 

So now it’s decision time.  I’m trying to understand all the needs, wants and desires from my family members who’ll be receiving new hardware (at work we call that requirements gathering).  Then, I’ll be mapping those to the provider and plan that we’ll go with (we call that solution definition).  Once I figure out where we’re going to land, then we’ll pull the trigger on new side-arms (we call that implementation).

Oh hell, who am I kidding?  I’m getting an iPhone!

Chasing shing objects,



2 Responses

  1. That’s should read “shiny” objects. :p


  2. so? Have you been assimilated yet?

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