iPhone First Impressions

Okay, okay, so I’m a little late to the game and I’m sure that I’m not about to say anything that hasn’t been said.  But I’m gonna say it anyway.  Here are my first impressions after only 48 hrs with my new iPhone.


  • I have an iPod Touch, so there’s not a ton of differences.  However, it’s really cool being connected to the interwebs all the time.  I’ve added apps & music directly from iTunes since I have the connectivity.
  • Running the iPhone with the Bluetooth activated and paired with my handsfree system in my car is nothing different than I was doing with my WinMO phone.  However, the way it automatically stops the Podcast or Playlist from playing when I take the call and then restarts when I hang up is very cool.  I was juggling two devices before.
  • Location Services (GPS).  This brings a lot of new possibilities that I didn’t have with the iTouch due to limited connectivity.


  • BATTERY LIFE! Wow, this thing sure goes through the battery quickly.  Of course, it’s powering the cellular radio, WiFi radio, Bluetooth, doing real time push email etc. all at the same time if you let it.   I’ve turned a few services down to improve this, but I’m still not sure I’ll ever be able to get through the day on a single charge.
  • I discovered a weird situation where if you’re using it as an iPod with a line out cable plugged into an external stereo (like I do in my car) and the phone rings, the call is routed to the line out and plays over the car stereo but the mic doesn’t work on the phone.  So I’ll either have to keep Bluetooth enabled or unplug the line out cable when I receive a call.
  • I can’t delete a single instance of a recurring meeting from the calendar, I can’t schedule a meeting on the calendar and invite other attendees, and I can’t forward an appointment to someone else.  The calendar seems to be the weakest app of the bunch as far as I can tell.

Of course I’ve only had the thing for a couple of days, but these are my initial reactions.  I’ll keep you posted on my impressions as I continue to live with this new device.



One Response

  1. The calendar sucks! Only redeeming feature is the ability to show personal and business items (from different sources) at the same time.

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