Technology Cast Offs

If you’ve been keeping score, you know that I just acquired a new iPhone.  When I made the decision to go with the iPhone, I fully expected that it would simply be a replacement for my old WinMo phone.  But after just a few days, I’ve already stopped carrying my iPod Touch and have synchronized all my music, photos, etc. onto the iPhone.

I walked into my den on Sunday evening and noticed my tech cast offs lying on the chair in the corner.  I decided to snap a picture of these devices, two of which  really have been replaced; the Motorola Q & the iPod Touch.  The little pink camera isn’t going anywhere, but it just happened to be in the same pile.


I’m pretty excited about the convergence of devices.  I wasn’t sure I’d be happy going to a single device for a voice, email, data, music, video, podcasts, apps, games, photos.  But so far, the iPhone delivers on all those things really well.



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