That’s a winner!

On the last day of our ski trip, we were joined by some friends who live in Denver. Our kids enjoy skiing together every year and we usually hang out at the condo afterward and spend some time catching up. This year was no different.

After lunch, the kids were all making a final bathroom stop before hitting the mountain again. That left me with time on my hands, so while I waited I checked out Twitter. I saw that @KeystoneMtn had just tweeted that they were giving away a pair of skis and that to win you had to fin a guy named “Flip” at the top of the Gondola. That’s exactly where we headed!

When we unloaded from the Gondola, there was Flip. We approached him and claimed a new pair of K2 skis with bindings (a $1250 value). I gave them to our friends who live here since they get 15-20 days each year and could get much more use from them than I could.

I haven’t always gotten the whole Twitter thing, but the customer service/appreciation aspect of this social networking tool makes a ton of sense. Especially, when it’s me that won!

Dick Fulton & I claiming the skis

Dick Fulton & I claiming the skis



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