We’re celebrating a milestone birthday for my father-in-law by spending a week at a beach house in Florida  with the whole family.  The place we’re staying is in Carrabelle Beach.  We’re right on the bay across from St. George’s Island.  At low tide, the water recedes and you get an idea of all the marine life in the bay.

The locals told us that the fishing is good at high tide.  Just wade out into the surf to your knees and cast a shrimp out to catch Redfish etc.  So this morning, my brother-in-law hit the surf at 6:30am to try his luck.  After about an hour an half, something took the bait and he fought it for about 10 minutes before spotting a dorsal fin.  At that point, he headed for shore and for gloves and something to cut the line.

Turns out, he’d hooked (and landed) a 3 ft. long shark.  I believe it’s a Hammerhead, but you can  judge for yourself.


Guess I’ll be swimming in the pool the rest of the week!  🙂



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