Big Week

The kids had a big week and it’s leading up to be a very busy holiday season.  Early this week, both girls were award solo parts in their respective holiday chorus performances.  Madison will be singing a solo part in “Winter Wonderland”, and Mackenzie has a solo part in “Let it Snow”.  They’ve been practicing for their auditions since before Halloween, so it’s felt like Christmas around here for awhile.

On Wednesday this week, Mackenzie was notified that she has been promoted to play in the 5th grade band with a handful of other 4th graders who are at the top of the class in their respective instruments.  She’s playing the flute and is apparently one of the best in her class.

Lastly, both of the girls are very good students and both received straight “A’s” on their report cards and made the Honor Roll.  In the Middle School, they have an honors program and Madison has long waited to be able to put a “I’m the proud parent of an Honor Student at Wolf Branch Middle School” bumper sticker on her mother’s car.  This week, she finally got to hang one on the back window.  Note:  Carie wouldn’t go for “sticking” it on the car, so it’s taped to the inside of the back window.

Way to go girls!  You’re dad’s very proud of you!



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  1. just now got into your blog and saw that the girls have again made us proud. That a way to go girls. Love ya, Pop and Grandma

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