Gee…I hadn’t thought of that!

I recently read an article titled “What Happens (On-Line) When you Die: Facebook“.  Thus, the title of this post.

Since I began writing this blog, writing Grill and Barrel, using Twitter, using Facebook, and using God only knows how many different photo hosting/sharing sites, (don’t even get me started about email accounts) I never stopped to ponder what happens to all of the digital debris that will be left when a user like me passes on.

The article referenced above talks about options specific to a Facebook profile, but the list of on-line sites & services that I use is probably 4X longer than the short list previously mentioned.

I guess I’ll be adding an addendum to my last will and testament with a spreadsheet full of account names & passwords.  Seems like the only way to ensure that someone cleans up after me when I’m gone.

Sorry for the morbid topic on a Tuesday morning but as the title suggests, I hadn’t thought of that. =)


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