Spring Break Travel Update

Well, we’re on the ground in Keystone, Colorado.  I’m not exactly sure why my dear bride insists on booking us on the 6:00am flight on a day when we can’t check in to the condo before 3:00pm and don’t plan to ski, but nonethless we were up at 3:00am & it’s been a looong day.

Possibly the worse part of the first day on the mountain is the adjustment to the altitude.  In general, I just feel like heck all that first day.  I’m glad we don’t try to ski upon arrival cause frankly I just don’t feel like it.  What’s the second worst part of the first day you ask?  Why it’s lugging boots, poles, skis, etc. from the rental place all the way back to the condo.

But enough of my griping.  The highlight of the trip so far was the score I made on new ski gear.  My ski jacket has become my winter BBQ jacket (every guy should have one) and it’s really not ever gonna be free of BBQ & soot stains again.  So I was dreading the cash outlay for a new jacket & a new pair of ski pants.  But I was pleasantly surprised to find a Columbia Sportswear store at the outlet mall in Silverthorne, CO (just 6 miles from the resort and where we exit I-70 on the way up from Denver) that was having a rockin’ end of the season sale.  I picked up a $299 ski jacket & a $99 pair of pants for a grand total of $79.  I say again…..SCORE!

So tomorrow we hit the slopes.  Thankfully I typically feel better the second day.  I’m sure we’ll have photos and stories of our adventures to share throughout the trip, so stay tuned.



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