Keystone – Day 3 (The End)

The third day on the mountain at Keystone marks the end of our ski trip (save for the travel day tomorrow) and marks the end of something else too.  You see, for the first time, my kids are doing things on the mountain that I can’t (or won’t) do.

Today found us tearing down a blue run at 9:00am at a speed faster than I’m comfortable with.  Later, we were doing the jumps in the terrain park and skiing through the trees at a rate that would make Sonny Bono cringe.

I guess I’m getting old, or maybe the kids are growing up.  Either way, this trip marks a crossroads.  Next trip, I can see me being the Dad setting in the lodge while the kids tear up the mountain.

Obligatory photos attached.

In case you missed it, here are the posts from the first part of the trip as well as a link to the Flickr photoset.

Flickr Photos from Keystone

Keystone – Day 1

Keystone – Day 2



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