iPhone 4 & The Domino Effect

Since I couldn’t find a lunch partner on Thursday, I wandered over to the Galleria in no way expecting to come back with a new iPhone. But, when I popped into the Apple store to just inquire about lead times on a new order, the guy looked at me and said “If you’d like a 16GB model they’re in stock today. 32GB models have a 3 week lead time”.

I pondered the idea of 16GB vs 32GB, whether that was enough space, whether I should wait for a 32GB, what I’d do if it wasn’t enough space, and responded in less than 2 seconds that I’d take one.

A scant 20 minutes later, an employee called my name and in an amazingly efficient and quick transaction sent me back to the office with a fully functional and activated iPhone 4. I’ll bet the whole transaction took less than 3 minutes. And, the POS system that they’re using with signature capture, credit card swipe, etc. on an iPod Touch was pretty slick too.

The by-product of this transaction is a mad scramble at home for the iPhone 3G that this replaced. Even my bride made several inquiries about what my plans were. So after a little cleanup and tweaking last night, Carie now has the 3G at least for a test drive.

That will probably have us reactivating Carie’s old phone for Mackenzie. It’s not exactly the phone she would have chosen. I mean, what 11 year old “wants” a Blackberry?

But as my Brother-in-Law says, it’s just another middle class tragedy! =)



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