The Other Thing I do

As everyone is painfully aware by now, I’m a BBQ freak.  I cook, I eat, & I critique BBQ….everywhere…..all the time.

But my other hobby involves singing and playing a little guitar with the gang.  I’m lucky to have a collection of aspiring musicians that I call friends (and in some cases co-workers) who like to get together occasionally for a jam session.  Friday night, we experimented with renting some studio time at a place in St. Louis city that caters to musicians, bands, and the like who need the space to practice.

This worked out really well for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s centrally located for everyone.  A handful of us live in Illinois and others live in St. Charles county (west of St. Louis).  This is much more accessible for folks from any part of the metro area.  Second, it was kind of nice not imposing on someone’s home with a ton of gear, people, and noise (we call it music, but other’s have called it noise).  Lastly, we usually have enough folks participate that when you spread the costs around it was only ~$10/person for the rental.  The rental also included a PA, mics, and other miscellaneous gear.  They also rent drums, amps & other gear if you need it.  I’m for using these rental studios again in the future.

Check out the folks at Utopia in St Louis if you need rehearsal space or just somewhere to jam where you can be loud and stay out late.


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