Tilley Endurables

I almost always buy a hat when I’m on vacation. Of course I never bring one along cause they’re just too hard to pack. The result is a stack of summer straw hats in my closet that I’ll most likely never wear again.

When on vacation recently, I stumbled across a hat store in Key West, FL and was introduced to hats from a company called Tilley Endurables. These hats have a lifetime guarantee against wearing out and even replacement insurance against loss for the first 2 years. Even better, the hats are designed with water repellent and stain resistant materials.

But here’s the best part. These hats can be packed, reshaped, washed, and worn over and over without worry of crushing them. Now, I finally have a hat that I can pack for my trips.

I’ve since discovered that Tilley makes a variety of other styles of hats as well has travel friendly clothing. I’ve already got my eye on a winter hat.

Check them out at http://www.Tilley.com




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