Universal Studios – Day 1

After the weather we’ve had this week, we couldn’t wait for our planned trip to Universal Studios.  The kids have a long weekend, so we made plans to escape to Florida and do Universal.  We’ve done Disney a few time but never these attractions, so here we are.

This is one trip where I don’t mind the 6:00am flight.  We were able leverage nearly the whole day at Universal Studios.  We’ll spend the next 2 days at Universal Studios – Island of Adventure.  I don’t quite get why they’re considered 2 separate parks, but they are.  The girls are really looking forward to the Harry Potter stuff at Island of Adventure.  We’ve all been big fans, read all the books, watched all the movies, and now we’ll do all the attractions.

The highlight of today was a visit to the The Pearl Factory.  The girls spotted the place and we wandered over.  It turns out, it’s the same company that Carie & I bought a pearl from when we were in Hawaii many years ago.  Their schtick is to have you open an oyster and whatever pearl is inside is yours, irrespective of size, color, etc.  It’s a pretty cheap experience and the process they went through with the kids was really cool.  The pearls were cheap, but Dad had to pickup the cost of the settings.  I’m glad to do it, because it was something I think they’ll always remember and one of the few souveniers we’ve ever purchased that could last forever.

Here are the obligatory photos of the day and a link to the Flickr set were the rest of the trip will be posted.





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