Universal Studios – Day 2

Today we hit the Islands of Adventure. The goal this morning was to leverage our ability to enter the park an hour earlier than it opens to the public (due to staying on property) and get to the Harry Potter attractions. In short, the Harry Potter area was awesome.

We walked up to a reproduction of Hogsmeade where the Hogwart’s Express was puffing away on its track. From there, we strolled down the street and the shops from Diagon Alley were all there. At the far end of the street, was a huge reproduction of Hogwarts. Inside was a cool virtual reality/roller coaster sort of ride. Other than making me nauseous first thing in the morning it was pretty cool. We’ll explore this further tomorrow with Grammy, since she’s a big fan too.

Lunchtime found us at Emeril Lagasse’s place where we met my in-laws. They’d driven up from Stuart to spend a couple of days with us. We finished the afternoon touring the Dr. Seuss area of the park, taking in Poseidon’s Adventure, and the 8th Voyage of Sinbad.

From there it was time for a quick bite at the Hard Rock Cafe before the highlight of the evening (and possibly the trip), the Blue Man Group. None of us knew quite what to expect from this show, but it turned out to be VERY ENTERTAINING! It’s interactive, riveting, and down right funny in many parts. Young or old, if you get the chance this is a must see.

Tomorrow, it’s back to Diagon Alley for some more Harry Potter and then Grand Pop & I are gonna find somewhere to watch the Super Bowl while the girls shop (GO PACK!).

I’ll leave you with a few shots from today’s adventures and the link to the growing set of pics on Flickr.







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