Universal Studios – Day 3

Day three took us back to Islands of Adventure where we hit the Harry Potter stuff pretty hard. Mackenzie was chosen to play the part of the new wizard heading to Hogwart’s at the show in Olivander’s Wand Shop. That was pretty a pretty neat experience.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy day and after the 3D motion simulation at the ride in Hogwart’s Castle, Grammy had to pack it in and head back to the hotel. We spent the rest of the morning picking up a few souvenirs and then had lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

Luckily, the pool was heated and they had a huge water slide. So the girls swam for a couple of hours while I got a short nap, checked us in for the flight home, and generally got ready for the Super Bowl.

Grand Pop & I headed down to the hotel lobby where they had 2 giant projection screens set up. They had brought in a bunch of tables & chairs into an area that is usually full of cushy chairs and sofas and had waitresses working the area. We had appetizer type food for dinner in the middle of the game and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Packers come away with the victory in Super Bowl 45.

Tomorrow, we’ll get to spend a little more time with the grand parents before a 10:00am pickup to head back to the airport. We’ve had a great trip and made lots of great memories. Here are a few more pics and the Flickr link again.





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  1. Had not seen this. Looks good. New fam pic for the 2012 calendar. Mom

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