A Bono/Kennedy Moment

We’re skiing in Keystone, CO, as we usually do this time of year.  For the past couple of years, the kids (Mackenzie especially) have taken to skiing through the trees along the edge of the ski runs.  They follow the tracks of other skiers and typically go very slowly.  I’ve never really considered this a real danger.

Today, Carie decided to play “follow the leader” and tail Mackenzie through the trees.  However she doesn’t have the strength to snow-plow well enough to stop herself and in those tight quarters, there really isn’t any way to cut across the face of the mountain to scrub off speed.  You see where this is going, right?

You guessed it.  She ended up with one ski on either side of a tree and smacked into the trunk.  Fortunately she was going slowly enough that she wasn’t hurt and she did get up laughing.

Since she got up laughing, my first instinct was to grab my camera.  So here’s a shot of Carie’s Bono/Kennedy moment on the mountain. =)


She made me swear not to post this, but…..


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