Random Update – April 2011

Couple of things going on in the Braddog household this month.

First, the girls once again brought home straight A’s on their report cards.  One more quarter to go and I will have passed 7th grade adavanced math for the second time and 5th grade math for the 3rd time.

Second, the girls both auditioned for and were awarded solo parts in the spring chorus concert.  Madison will be singing a part from the musical Hairspray, and Mackenzie has Dorothy’s solo from the Wizard of Oz.

Carie is flat kicking butt!  She has done >$5M in sales already this year, was recognized as a top 12 agent in all the midwest, and continues to list and sell homes at an amazing pace.  This keeps us both busy. She does all the customer facing stuff, and I keep all the technology, cameras, photo processing, and virtual tours working.

And finally, yours truly has a full calendar as well.  I’ve picked up the new BBQ pit, attended a Cardinal game during their season opening home stand, and am gearing up to go on my annual fishing trip.

Panoramic shot of Busch Stadium on a cool April Night

I’m super glad that spring is finally here!



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