Bluegrass Jammin’

Each year in the spring, I travel to Branson, MO with some friends and attend the Ozark Mountain Fiddlers Convention. It’s a bluegrass festival and open jam session all weekend long.

The thing that makes this a little different than many of the festivals that I’m aware of is that there are no “performers”. There is a dance on Friday night and a group of folks play for that, and there’s a fiddle competition that a few folks provide backup for. But other than that, this is almost completely a weekend long jam session.

Now I don’t know a lot of traditional bluegrass tunes, but I do know a lot of the old time country songs and spirituals. I really enjoy those songs more than the traditional fiddle tunes, reels, and the like.

Here’s a shot of me playing with some of the folks at the gathering. Note the fiddler player on the left with the beard. It validates your mental image of the event, doesn’t it? =)




One Response

  1. Cool pic! Like the barefoot gentleman!
    Glad you had a good trip. Love Mom

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