2011 Hays Reunion

Well it’s July hot in Southern Illinois, so that can only mean that it’s Hays Reunion time.  We just wrapped up the reunion for roughly the 45th consecutive year (there’s some debate about the year of the inaugural event).  And this year, I wrapped up my term as an officer on the family board.

We rolled into Salem, Il on Friday afternoon.  Friday evening, ~100 people attended a cook out and swim party at the Salem Aquatic Center.  On Saturday, we had lunch at noon, the annual business meeting afterwards, followed by the fund-raiser auction.

It looks like we raised enough money to easily cover the expenses for the reunion as well as fund the other items that we’ve agreed to as a family.  Namely, the placement of supplemental grave markers that denote the descendents of Samuel Hays, and the contribution to the care & maintenance of a couple of cemeteries where many family members are interred.

I also prepared the meat for the event.  I hauled my Backwoods cooker to the Marion County Fairgrounds (the location of the reunion) on Friday afternoon.  We prepared 80 lbs of pork butt for pulled pork.  I guess the family liked it okay, since they asked if I’d do it again next year.

Here are a couple of photos that I took.  Chad Hays took a lot of photos and they’re shared on Facebook.


The Cooker Arrives at the Fairgrounds

The View from the Vice President’s Seat at the Annual Meeting

It was good to catch up with everyone.  Looks like we’ll do it again next year.  Same location on July 14-15th.


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