2011 Nashville, TN – Day 2

We just wrapped up our second full day in Nashville, TN.  Today, we started out with a stop at the Tennessee History Museum.  We paid special attention to the Civil War displays as Madison is studying it in Social Studies.  She also picked up some Confederate currency and replica fractional coins for extra credit.

1000000518.JPGThen, we spent the bulk of the day at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  That began with a trip to RCA’s Studio B.  This is where Elvis preferred to record and where many, many hit records have been recorded.  Here’s a shot of the girls at what Elvis called his favorite piano.  It’s one that he actually played on a few recordings and would play with the Jordanaires gathered around to warm up before a recording session.

1000000523.JPGWe then headed back to the displays at the Hall of Fame.  We’d barely begun the tour when a lady approached us and told us that Chet Atkins’ (who they have just added a special display about) great niece was giving a fingerstyle guitar lesson at 1:00.  We headed down to take a look.  We met Meagan Taylor Anderson and Ben Hall.  As I said, Meagan is Chet Atkins’ niece, but Ben is the Mississippi state fingerstyle champion.  The two were incredible.  While the instruction was mean for kids, most kids quickly gave up and many of us parents took up the guitar and played along.  The girls really took a liking to Meagan and she signed autographs and posed for photos.  Playing guitar at the Country Music Hall of Fame with Chet Atkins’ niece?  Are you kidding me?  This was the highlight of my trip.

We wrapped up the day with a meal at Jack’s Barbeque on Broadway in downtown Nashville.  Tomorrow, we’ll tour the Opry Theatre and have a dinner cruise on the Andrew Jackson.

There are more photos at the Flickr set.



One Response

  1. Crikey! I am soooooo jealous!!!!

    I could use some fingerstyle lessons anyway, but getting them from that kind of pedigree is pretty dang amazing!

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